You want her to be beautiful and smart.

Research has well documented that there is a pronounced gender gap in innovative science career paths revealing that women are underrepresented both in STEM jobs and STEM undergraduate degrees, despite making up nearly half of the college-educated workforce. It’s our belief that steps to address the representation gap can involve interest in STEM for young girls early.

TuTu Royal is a brilliant marriage of princess apparel and STEM reads. Every month we send a box of princess-related items, including dresses, hair and jewelry accessories, and self-esteem literature. In addition, princesses get STEM books for empowering their knowledge in science and math.

Why Should You Subscribe?
It's deeper than Barbie.

Our boxes encourage invention, exploration, competition, mobility, problem solving–all skills associated with highly desirable career paths and excellent leadership. You can feel good about helping your daughter envision life as a brilliant princess

It's a play source that alleviates parental guilt.

Different than a mindless I pad binge or excessive screen time, this toy gets our little princesses thinking big picture about their magic kingdom. You can feel good about this one mom.

Its monthly!

This addresses the boredom of "I'm over the new toy" it's fresh all the time! You can practice with your daughter to hone stem skills and your daughter has a "stem lab " library to entertain other princesses when they visit her palace.

Builds her self esteem in her abilities!

It’s the obvious investment for your little princess and a great gift for princesses across the kingdom. In addition, every time you buy a box, we gift a box to a girl in a foster home.

What Mom’s Are Saying !

This is the 2nd month I received a Tutu Royal outfit for my granddaughter and once again, it has exceeded my expectations. She loves them and it is a great way to make her feel special.


My daughter received the box as a gift from her teacher for her birthday. We loved the STEM items so much we renewed it monthly! I wish you could see the way she lights up when the box arrives! Love it!

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